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British transgender woman sells virginity on the net

11/14/2011. 17:45 - Eivissa

Today's post contains the details of two British records, both of transgender-related. One is a speed record of Melissa Ede is the first who does not change after surgery selling virginity on the net, he can see the pictures below and the gallery. The second story is a man who was 69 years old when he was operated on a woman - the British social security rules, such surgeries are free, but then the older person has not carried out an operation is not changing.


These galleries contain photos of Melissa Ede. Melissa lives in England, Dead man, where man as a woman. As long as it was called Lesley, a rakish mustache was on time, but always wanted to be a woman. When he succeeded, as the knife dropped from first randiját already started to plan, and this szüzességelárverezős XXI. century, he decided, he links the pleasure.

Website of even more photos can be confronted, and the fact that the bid is still held 1,100 pounds, which is approx. an amount equal to four hundred thousand forints.

Short browsing after the visitor has the impression may arise that Edward is better or the money as romantic as the page 'about us' section states: "Any television appearances entrepreneurs and most types of photography too, glamúr, lingerie, topless and naked. "Hopefully, the surgery was really so beautiful to show off what they have.

Melissa Ede and a lot of fellow 74 year old Donna Smith. He is up to five years ago, Donald was, but never felt comfortable in the skin of a man, his parents are often shocked that he wore high-heeled shoes, and painted himself. This disease is only one. And because diseases and the British social security is not free to change to the needy.

Donna Smith of the British record for the office according to such old age, say 69-year-old has not been anybody to not change the surgery (the last story esküvős transgender protagonist at age 64 after surgery ).Smith told the Daily Mail for the first time and read the article about him, what he believes is far too late to switch to german retirement. "It's fantastic to be a woman thing" - says the old Donald, who was in the '50s is gone there with the family physician, was born in the wrong body. "We brought a relief to know that I will die as a real woman" - he says now.

Melissa Smith is like Edéhez virgin and the first date of dreams, although he is not thinking at the age of 74 auction. "Even though they are over seventy, most of them say that at 50 I look like not a day older. I would love a male companion with whom you öregedhetnénk, ideally, I have a younger man with whom megoszthatnám the rest of my life. " See your photos by clicking here to view.

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