25/03/2012 05:07

A shallow world based on what you can see
You read my story but you don't know me
If what's inside would outside show
Would it make me someone you want to know?
I Paint a smile and fight back tears
Tortured by bullying for 50 years

I fight and argue for what is right
But still it's so far out of sight
You judge, discriminate, humiliate too
Who gave the rights of god to you?
I still stay strong but can't you see?
Everything wrong that you did to me.

I cant change history it's in the past
But i want my experience to be the last.
The hate i'm shown doesn't even begin
To compare to how i feel within
I look for ways to improve my looks
To fit with societies models in books
I was born a male, but can't you see
That is not who I was born to be

So you tore me down looking at my face
As bad as judging someone based on their race
We are all human and deserve the same chances
Not to be judged in disgusted glances
I'm still here and staying put too
All i can say is shame on you!