Botox baby

22/05/2012 00:37
Well i am now looking a lot fresher and younger thanks to the wonders off botox and fillers :) xx

some new ideas :)

02/03/2012 03:53
well still no more bids i am not accepting 20k  i can wait for the right offer :) x


05/02/2012 13:47
Come on still getting a lot off calls and mail but bid not moved for a while so BID BID BID :) 

need some new bids please

02/01/2012 13:05
come on 12,000 is that all im worth :( 

abusive texts

22/12/2011 16:08
to the person sending me abusive texts thankyou your so kind 

it so pisses me off when i get emails

21/12/2011 02:35
to all the sad fools who keep telling me im a slag or a slut or a hoe well one answer to you! i can honestly say i have not even had as much off a cuddle for years never mind slept about  can you say the same NO i doubt it  rant over

nice people

20/12/2011 02:34
hell i know some great people just wanted you all to know :) x

50 pence

15/12/2011 12:10
haha someone just up the bid by fifty pence lol xxx

well soon be christmas

12/12/2011 11:30
getting some very very interesting calls over the last couple off weeks :) but you all want it for peanuts :( well im not a monkey i may be rare but this is so fucking special what i offer x


07/12/2011 11:14
its creeping up but very slowly :( need lots of new bids please, if you made a bid and it is now higher please feel free to bid again the bid is now £6,250