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I never made the 100 but what a journey i had  

I currently stand as one of the 660 worldwide applicants and one of the 22 remaining in the uk please follow the story here.

 Why did I apply for this amazing concept.



mars one  was open to all. Not just people with great academic qualities but everyone. I explored the whole website and realised the major qualities they were looking for was character, belief and understanding. Being able to face up to a challange and not give up until you have examined every possible way to overcome it. Well I thought right away, They have created a job for me. I am the most persistant, most inquisitive person anyone could wish to meet. I  always give 110percent to anything I set out to do and have belief in.  As well as a great platform to make history by being the first person on Mars I also saw the enormous chance to do so much for diversity too which is a big part of my life. How amazing would it be if one of the first people on Mars was a transgender taxi driver with no qualifications. That would pave the way for people to believe in themselfs and go out there and grab their dreams. 


Have I  got a chance of making this ? 

I really have as much chance as anyone else as I have as much experience of living on Mars as all the other applicants. That is none, we are groundbreaking as no one has attempted to live there yet so yes I can do this.

There is much written on me now and I will leave you to figure out the real me. The one who against all odds lives as I do today.  Please follow and #marsone663 to show your support. Interview stage is coming up and you can have exclusive filming rights to my interview by contacting


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